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Integrated Justice and Equality

“Shallow thinking about justice is doing unspeakable harm to our churches and communities. John Teevan offers a sobering analysis of the materialistic, secularized agenda often advanced by Christians in the name of justice, and he points us toward grace-based, biblically informed approaches that will truly help those most in need.”

Greg Forster
Kern Family Foundation

“So-called ‘social justice’ is the order of the day in the United States, especially among the young, both inside and outside the church. Many are unclear about what the term means or should entail, however, and most attempts to realize ‘social justice’ end up exacerbating the very problems its practitioners aim to correct. In this masterful analysis of Christianity’s relationship with economics, John Teevan guides readers through Aristotle, Locke, Marx, Hayek, Rawls, and beyond, modeling both grace and truth, and taking Scripture seriously. Teevan gleans the best, constructively criticizes the worst, and offers a unique, compelling vision of ‘integrated justice.’ Bringing his diverse education and real-world experience to bear, he advances not only theory but realistic, workable solutions to the social difficulties and evils about which any compassionate person is concerned.”

Joseph D. Wooddell
Professor of Philosophy and Politics
Criswell College

"Integrated Justice and Equality does what few contemporary accounts of justice do. It asks readers to consider justice in toto, not in vacuo or in a silo. Internally faithful to his thesis, John Teevan provides a pithy and integrated tour de force, weaving ancient, biblical, and contemporary treatments of justice within its human, social, political, and ecclesial applications. The result is a substantive framework that can be applied by individuals committed to righteousness, compassion, and the gospel. This is a timely book to read and share with others who are justice minded.”

Gerson Moreno-Riano
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Regent University

“John Teevan fills a critical evangelical void with Integrated Justice and Equality. He provides a clear-headed, common sense, Christ-centered approach to the issue of justice. Most Christians lack the courage to challenge the status quo in this arena, but through the concepts and vocabulary supplied in this volume believers can now speak up with confidence. This is a must-read for anyone who recognizes the brokenness in our world and wants to bring healing to the hurting without embracing an ideology that denies the fundamental principles of ‘freedom and justice for all.’”

Christopher Brooks
Campus Dean
Moody Theological Seminary–Michigan

“In Integrated Justice and Equality, John Addison Teevan serves the church well by drawing attention not only to the fundamental importance of justice biblically but also to the challenging complexity of the concept. Through his genealogy and explication of the powerful buzzwords ‘social justice,’ Teevan shows how his own far richer and more coherent ‘integrated justice’ is not only biblically more faithful but also more humanizing for both giver and receiver than its secular counterpart. This book will help Christians dwell where they belong: where justice and righteousness meet.”

D. C. Innes
Associate Professor of Politics
The King’s College

“In this entirely original work, author John Teevan takes on the formidable task of clarifying the much-used term ‘social justice.’ Teevan makes the argument that authentic, legitimate social justice is significant to Christians and their work in the world, yet most of us have only a fuzzy notion of what we are talking about when we use the term. We merely nod our heads in reflexive agreement when people mention ‘social justice’—especially in church. After all, who wants to oppose social justice? I am thankful that Teevan has supplied us with a full exposition of what practitioners and scholars of all kinds might mean, and might not mean, when they speak about social justice—especially as it relates to economic activity and outcomes. Too many times I have found myself having difficult conversations with other caring, sharp-minded Christians regarding economic issues, only to realize—with the benefit of hindsight—that we did not share a common conception of what is just. By sharing this book, John Teevan will help Christians everywhere discover a healthy conception of social justice: one that is deeply rooted in Scripture and church tradition.”

Victor V. Claar
Professor of Economics
Henderson State University