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Praise for the System Has a Soul

"The System Has a Soul is a marvelous collection of carefully crafted essays on a variety of subjects with which serious Christians must deal. It is just the sort of book that should be in every pastor’s library."

Francis J. Beckwith
Professor of Philosophy & Church-State Studies
Baylor University

"Hunter Baker is one of the stars of the rising generation of Christian public intellectuals. The hallmark of his work is a combination of analytical rigor, moral seriousness, and lucid writing. He engages secular traditions of thought critically but respectfully, paying points of view he does not himself share the compliment of understanding them thoughtfully and presenting them accurately. He is a thinker, not a mere rhetorician. He keeps his eye on the prize, namely, getting to the truth of the matter."

Robert P. George
McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence
Princeton University

"Hunter Baker has once again produced a most engaging and masterfully written volume on a smorgasbord of subjects, including discussions of church and state, faith and culture, education and economics, secularism and society, as well as religion and politics. The System Has a Soul builds on Baker’s previous outstanding works and offers a veritable feast for the readers of this volume. Readers looking for more than a descriptive survey of these important subjects will be pleased with the substantive interaction as well as the thoughtful and constructive proposals that Baker provides. I gladly recommend this volume."

David S. Dockery
Trinity International University

"These essays represent a deep engagement with the challenges of a secularizing culture from the perspective of confessional Christianity. Anyone seeking to relate the gospel to the culture (and that should be all of us) will benefit from this wisdom."

Russell D. Moore
Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission


"Some books are important, but unreadable. A rare few are important and a pleasure to read: this book is one of them. Hunter Baker is a leader among pilgrims who wish to be good citizens of this Republic, but also have their primary allegiance as subjects of the Kingdom of Heaven. Baker reflects on numerous topics where these two allegiances harmonize and conflict." 

John Mark Reynolds
Houston Baptist University