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Exile Supply Pack

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All of the essentials to host a grand exploration of For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles with your small group, church, or organization.

Be entertained as you explore the deep question of what your salvation is FOR. What does having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ mean for the here and now of living on earth?

Evan Koons, along with Stephen Grabill, Amy Sherman, Anthony Bradley, Makoto Fujimura, John M. Perkins, Tim Royer, and Dwight Gibson will show practical application of what it means to be “in the world, not of it.”

This seven-part series explores God’s purposes in family, work, creativity, charity, education, government, church, and all creation. This deep investigation is through the lens of God’s Economy of All Things, OIKONOMIA (a Greek word that you’ll learn more about).


The Exile Supply Pack contains:

DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack

Includes a letter from Evan and two discs for your player of choice: DVD and Blu-ray. Enjoy seven episodes around 20 minutes each, teaser videos, a trailer, and bonus content.

DVD/Blu-ray Feature Film Version

This unique version was created to enjoy all seven episodes in one viewing experience – an excellent format for a one-time event.

Four Field Guides - Paperback

The companion Field Guide jump-starts group and individual investigation and includes additional content to enhance the film experience. Discover seven episode Trail Guides that inspire creative exploration and discussion. Each Trail Guide offers an episode introduction from Evan, a teaser video, quick definitions for key terms and ideas, discussion questions, and guidance for Scripture study and prayer. Introductory content features cast bios, a Biblical overview of exile in both Old and New Testaments, an animated Field Map video of key destinations on the journey, additional information about the influential Field Scholars behind the series, and significant Field Sightings discovered along the journey.

Streaming access to the series and digital Field Guide at (includes access to promotional videos as well as poster and logo files for event promotion) Sign up for a free StudySpace account and enjoy unlimited access to a dynamic digital learning environment where both books and media productions are made available. StudySpace is ideal for the needs of small groups. Group members can engage during gatherings and the time between with the ability to stay continually connected to the material and the group. Available anytime, anywhere, on any digital device.

Faith and Work Primer

Is work good? Did God design our work for a purpose? Is our work a part of God’s call to participate in stewardship of all creation? Find out how our daily work plays an important part in God’s Kingdom come. Choose from the Reformed, Wesleyan, Baptist, or Pentecostal primer. 

2 Cast Magnets

Two large cast magnets give a little “behind the scenes” information about fellow travelers on this important journey of discovery. Check out all five!

2 Large Posters

Each poster is 24x36 inches and provides space to communicate event details.


There is something about a new t-shirt. This particular t-shirt carries a profound message about our purpose on earth. It’s also rather comfortable. Wear it often!

Available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL.
Color: Grey Heather
Design Color: FLOW Wine
50% Polyester / 25% Combed and Ring Spun Cotton / 25% Rayon


For books on more in-depth study, check out the rest of the Oikonomia Series right here on Christian's Library Press

Want to know more about this series? Check out the For the Life of the World website, letterstotheexiles.



Ep 1 - Exile

Our journey begins by discovering a new – yet ancient – perspective: we are exiles, "not home yet," called to live as gift-givers wherever we are.

Ep 2 - Economy of Love

What is the point of family? We'll explore God's design for family – how it shapes us as individuals and contributes to the flourishing of our communities.

Ep 3 - Economy of Creative Service

Is our labor in the world about survival, or is there more to the "daily grind"? We'll take a closer look at how our individual and collaborative endeavors play a part in a divine project of creativity.

Ep 4 - Economy of Order

It's not hard to find pain in this world. How do we seek justice for the oppressed? I wonder if creativity, freedom, and hospitality have something to do with the answers we're searching for?

Ep 5 - Economy of Wisdom

Why should we know stuff? To accumulate knowledge? To get a good job? Maybe God gives us unique callings to understand his creation and use what we learn to serve others.

Ep 6 - Economy of Wonder

Must everything have a practical usefulness, or is there value in being useless? Perhaps, the blessed inefficiency of wonder helps us grasp God's extravagant, gratuitous love for us. "Taste and see that the Lord is good."

Ep 7 - The Church

In our quest to know and live out "God's Economy of All Things," a rather large question remains: "What is the role of the church in the world?" Do our stories of exile have a purpose in God's plan for all things?

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