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Flourishing Churches and Communities

A Pentecostal Primer on Faith, Work, and Economics for Spirit-Empowered Discipleship
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178 pages
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Pentecostal Christianity is just over a century old, and yet its impact in that time as an evangelistic force for Christ has been astonishing. One foundational scriptural understanding of the Pentecostal movement is that the Spirit empowers us to carry out the work of the gospel. Without a dependence on the work of the Spirit, we are mere humans. 

Dr. Self provides here a vivid picture of what it looks like for followers of Jesus to take the Great Commandment and the Great Commission seriously in the context of their own local communities. His concern is that our view of discipleship is lacking a clear integration of faith, work, and economics. Christians have the means to bless their local economies in unique ways that can transform coworkers and neighbors alike as Christ is glorified. This primer aims at wholehearted discipleship that extends beyond our Sundays at church and into our workplaces the rest of the week. 

With a strong biblical understanding of the all-encompassing nature of true discipleship as integral to the kingdom of God, combined with a unified view of church history and an appreciation for all members of the church body, Flourishing Churches and Communities presents a vision for Christians that is as beautiful as it is challenging.


“Finally, a thoroughly Pentecostal consideration of how the heart, head, and hands can be mobilized by the Holy Spirit to empower vocational witness to the gospel to the ends of the earth. Inspiring testimonials work in tandem with the brilliant synoptic overview of the salvation history message from Genesis through Revelation to show how our faith, work, and economic lives can be of Spirit-inspired service to the coming reign of God!”

Amos Yong 
Dean and J. Rodman Williams Professor of Theology
Regent University School of Divinity

“Dr. Self offers a clear witness to theological reflection that portrays the Pentecostal tradition in light of twenty-first-century realities. This volume clearly affirms that the empowerment of the Spirit, focusing on the continuing  redemptive mission of Jesus Christ, also can infuse our communities to prosper when we acknowledge Christ’s kingdom rule over all of creation.”

Byron D. Klaus
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

About Charlie Self

Charlie Self (PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz) is director of City Development at Made to Flourish: A Pastors' Network for the Common Good. Previous to his work with Made to Flourish, Dr. Self was director of PhD studies in Bible and theology and associate professor of church history at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, MO. While Dr. Self’s academic specialty is history, God has gifted him in multiple areas. ...

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Praise for Flourishing Churches and Communities

In his book, Flourishing Churches and Communities, Dr. Charlie Self reminds all believers, everywhere that the Holy Spirit is at the center of all we do in and outside the walls of the church. Dr. Self asserts that our modern-day call to ministry is “… a primer on discipleship that...

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