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Opening the Scriptures is neither a new series of technical commentaries, nor is it a collection of sermons. Instead it offers devout church members a series of popularly accessible primers so that the average churchgoer can easily grasp them.

The organization of this series follows the four main sectional divisions of Holy Scripture: the Torah, the many prophetic books, the Psalms and wisdom books, and the New Testament. The authors of Opening the Scriptures show throughout that Holy Scripture is from A to Z the Book of God's covenant with his people.
In this volume, readers are provided with an introduction to the book of Genesis, the first book of the Law of Moses or Torah, which is chiefly intended to give instruction about the series of covenants God made with Abraham and his seed.
1. How Jesus Christ and His Apostles Viewed Holy Scripture
2. The Torah
The Book of Genesis
3. The Dating and Structure of the Book of Genesis 
4. In the Beginning 
5. A Look Back and a Look Ahead 
6. Rebellion 
7. Cain and Abel 
8. Continuing Corruption and Repeated Restoration 
9. A Promise with Worldwide Scope 
10. God’s Covenant with Abraham
11. The Life of the Patriarchs

About Cornelis Vonk

Cornelis Vonk (1904–1993) was a Reformed preacher and pastor in the Netherlands during the middle third of the twentieth century. His sermons and studies are widely known and appreciated today as a warmly devotional and pastoral treatment of the Bible text.

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