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Integrated Justice and Equality

Biblical Wisdom for Those Who Do Good Works
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Why write about social justice? Why investigate income inequality?
This book discusses the topics of social justice and income inequality within an economic, philosophic, and biblical framework that leads to an understanding of integrated justice.
A theme of central importance is that Christians should continue to serve the people of the world both to gain credibility as Christians and to open the door for other aspects of Christian ministry, particularly the ones related to the Great Commission’s call to disciple-making and church-planting.
What key insights should the reader look for? First, many evangelical Christians have come lately to the issue of social justice. We are catching up and finding our role in the conversation. Second, while justice is a significant biblical value, it is always surpassed by God’s grace. We must everywhere and always be ministers of grace in order to be good servants of God. If we follow that path, we will pursue integrated justice.

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Integrated Justice and Equality

“Shallow thinking about justice is doing unspeakable harm to our churches and communities. John Teevan offers a sobering analysis of the materialistic, secularized agenda often advanced by Christians in the name of justice, and he points us toward grace-based, biblically informed approaches that...

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