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Of the Law of Nature

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295 pages
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This critical edition is the first ever publication of Hale's Of the Law of Nature, which previously existed only in manuscript form. After discussing and defining the law in general, Hale examines the natural law in particular, its discovery and divine origin, and how it relates to both biblical and human laws. Hale's treatise, which was likely written as part of his personal meditations, and was circulated among English lawyers after his death, reveals not only the close relationship between law and theology in his thought, but also the importance of natural law to early modern legal thought.

About Matthew Hale

Sir Matthew Hale (1609–1676) is widely regarded as one of the greatest jurists of the common law tradition. He studied law at Lincoln’s Inn, was an avid and lifelong student of theology, and was deeply influenced by his Puritan upbringing. Hale’s monumental legal treatises, including the posthumously published Historia placitum coronae and History of the Common Law of England, shaped two centuries of legal...

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