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For the Life of the World: A Field Guide

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This Field Guide is designed to enrich the viewing experience of the seven episode series, For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles, as well as fuel deep exploration of the themes found in the film; God’s purposes in family, work, creativity, charity, education, government, church, and all creation.

To jump-start group and individual investigation, the Field Guide includes seven chapters that each correlate with an episode and contain an introduction from Evan, quick definitions for key terms and ideas, discussion questions, and guidance for Scripture study and prayer. The introductory content of the guide features cast bios, a Biblical overview of exile in both Old and New Testaments, additional information about the influential Field Scholars behind the series, and significant Field Sightings discovered along the journey.

The Field Guide and film series can also be found on StudySpace. StudySpace is a dynamic digital learning environment where both books and media productions are made available. StudySpace is ideal for the needs of small groups; group members can engage during gatherings and the time between with the ability to stay continually connected to the material and the group. StudySpace is available anytime, anywhere, on any digital device.

For more information on the film series, please visit the For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles website

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