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On Sale, Securities, and Insurance

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This translation is a selection from Lessius’ treatment of contract law in his larger work On Justice and Right. By drawing on diverse sources ranging from Roman and canon law to moral philosophy, Lessius offers practical advice in commercial and financial matters. These chapters on sale, securities, and insurance engage perennial questions concerning the lawfulness of insider trading, the sale of toxic debt, and asymmetric information in insurance markets.

Includes introduction by Wim Decock

About Leonardus Lessius

Leonardus Lessius (1554–1623), one of the fathers of modern private law, was a master of scholastic economic analysis. While teaching theology at the Jesuit College in Louvain, Lessius earned a reputation as the Oracle of the Netherlands among the jurists, businessmen, and political rulers of his day. Through his work, the Spanish scholastic tradition was transmitted to Protestant natural-law scholars such as Hugo Grotius....

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