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A Treatise on Money

A Treatise on Money, Luis de Molina
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A Treatise on Money is a selection from Luis de Molina’s larger work On Justice and Right. In these selections, he examines the various kinds of contracts and businessmen of his day and applies the scholastic method to analyze the nature of currency and exchange, offering a unique and indispensable look into the origins of modern monetary theory.

Introduction by Rudolf Schuessler

About Luis de Molina

The eminent jurist, speculative philosopher, and theologian Luis de Molina (1535-1600) entered the Society of Jesus at Alcalá at the age of eighteen and was sent to Coimbra, Portugal, to finish his novitiate. By August of 1568, Molina had been transferred from teaching philosophy in Coimbra to teach theology in Evora, where he taught for twenty years.

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