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The Unity Factor

One Lord, One Church, One Mission
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62 pages
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The Unity Factor is rooted in the prayer of Jesus in John 17:20–23, a prayer that presents to us an unreachable goal. How can we ever live out Christ’s plan for us to be one in faith and mission when we are so deeply divided by social, cultural, racial, and doctrinal fault lines? Does it really matter whether or not we strengthen our bonds of mutual love and respect? What real difference does it make if we find ways to stand together and heal our tragic Christian divisions?

Today, a new generation of Christian leaders is asking: “What can we do to express our oneness before God and the world?” The answer to this question is the purpose of The Unity Factor, a book that challenges our easy acceptance of divisions while helping us envision how our future can be better than our recent past.

From the foreword by Timothy George:

"Great things in the kingdom of God often arise from small beginnings--an insignificant mustard seed yields a mighty crop, some kid's leftover lunch feeds a hungry crowd, a small candle on a stand floods the whole room with light. Thus began the quest for Christian unity in modern times. A poor journeyman shoemaker, William Carey by name, traveled to India to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who had never heard it. Carey was a Baptist, but he soon realized that he needed the encouragement and support of other Jesus-followers (Christians) in order to fulfill his mission.

This book by John Armstrong stands in the tradition of William Carey, Edinburgh 1910, and the Lausanne Conference at Cape Town 2010. It is a gospel-focused and Scripture-based summons for all believers who stand in the great tradition of Christian faith and life to love one another so that the world might see and know that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is a call for Christian believers of all denominations to demonstrate their love for one another by following Jesus together."

About John H. Armstrong

John H. Armstrong is founder and president of ACT 3, a ministry for equipping leaders for unity in Christ's mission. He is former pastor and church-planter of more than twenty years, an adjunct professor of evangelism and leadership at Wheaton College, and the author/editor of more than a dozen books.

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