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Work: The Meaning of Your Life

A Christian Perspective
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110 pages
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Where do we find the core of life’s meaning? Right on the job! At whatever work we do – with head or hand, from kitchen to executive suite, from your house to the White House! “Work is the great equalizer – everyone has to come to it in order to find meaning in living: no short cuts, no detours, no bargain rates.”

(Now with a new foreword by Stephen J. Grabill and afterword by Greg Forster)

About Lester DeKoster

Lester DeKoster (1915–2009) became director of the library at Calvin College and Seminary, affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America, in 1951. He earned his doctorate from the University of Michigan in 1964, after completing a dissertation on “Living Themes in the Thought of John Calvin: A Bibliographical Study.” During his tenure at the college, DeKoster was influential in expanding the holdings of what would become the...

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